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  • Pets vs Cattle Experiments with Docker & Kubernetes
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Pets & Cattle – Experiments with Docker & Kubernetes

Fourth & Final Afternoon Session 4:00pm – Station 2

Presenter: Warren Strange

Notes: John Pinson


  • Warren provides overview of Google Borg, Docker & Kubernetes container-style computing. He characterizes this as “virtualizing the data center.”
  • FREDDES (sp?) ForgeRock on Kubernetes.
  • Warren shows the virtual ForgeRock platform implementation on Stash.
  • Kubernetes enables you to easily launch new nodes and multiple nodes, making it possible to rollback to existing nodes if new launches prove problematic.
  • With Kubernetes, in virtualizing the data center, you can't assign things to particular disks. You would say “I need 500 gigs of resources at X time” and Kubernetes assigns you what you need.
  • How to get secrets to specific nodes (secrets are, for instance, passwords).
  • Warren: Kubernetes appears to be the most mature, most likely to succeed orchestration offering on the market. It’s backed by Google and Red Hat. 



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