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  • Using ELK/Kibana for Log Analysis
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Let by Travis Haagen, with Jason Lemay


  • As of latest product releases (January 2016), there is a Common Audit Framework (CAUD):
    • Provides a single common auditing service across the platform.
    • Enables you to trace the entire lifecycle of users, devices, things, and service events.
    • Audit Handler can log data into different formats (csv, syslog, db for example), and can send it to third-party SIEM and analytics tools like Splunk or the ELK stack.
  • Travis showed how to configure an ELK stack handler in IDM.
  • Travis started elaticsearch on his laptop (very easy to install with home-brew on MacOS).
  • Kibana is also very easy to install.
  • Travis showed how Kibana can be configured.
  • Travis showcased a recon failure, captured its transactionId, and then found the underlying cause by searching for activity events of this Id.
  • Different handlers can be created to handle different audit events (for indexing purposes).
    • For example by "topic": one handler for access events, one handler for activity events, etc.
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