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  • Securing Physical & Logical Access
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Securing Physical & Logical Access

Speaker: Ashley Stevenson

Physical Access: Protect your perimeter - Who has access to what doors?

  • front door, medical supply closet, server room, etc.

CSO was in charge of physical access (building access), and CIO was in charge of IT security. Now, we need to bridge these with the rise of the internet of things (IoT).

You can now define physical & web access for one person all in one place. I can use one system, via identity, to manage all of these permissions in one place. Exs:

  • cars
    • open/unlock via app. 
    • keys for kids with parameters like limited speaker volume, limited locations/gps, limited speeds
  • apartment buildings
    • lots of tenants & lots of service people
    • everyone has access to main door
    • only some people have access to certain floors
    • door doesn't open if you haven't paid your rent
    • register family members' IDs to enter the apartment 

Need All 4 of the below:

  • Digital identity
  • credentials
  • authorization
  • authentication 

Three-factor authentication ex:

  • something I have
  • something I know
  • biometrics 

You can make the risk decisions you make on the web, at the door. 



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