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Blockchain & Identity

Speaker: Eve Maler

Blockchain is: 

  • tamper-evident ledger (linear) data structure
  • autonomous nodes, distributed & possibly decentralized (no node with greater status than another node)
  • math-based consensus for new ledger entries

Bitcoin is the most famous example of a blockchain. It has a node vulnerability - who owns the nodes?

What do we want the blockchain to incentivize?

  • performance?
  • security?
  • cost?
  • scripting ease?

Who can join in?

  • Use IAM system to determine identity, authentication, authorization, & trust community 
  • the governance system needs rules & tools

What are the use cases?

  • cryptocurrency 
  • financial tech 
    • international payments
    • company stock issuing
  • smart contracts
  • internet of things (IoT)
  • identity


  • do not store identity info on a blockchain
    • bloat issues
    • persistence issues 
    • privacy issues
    • user control issues 
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