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Be part of the Wiki

ForgeRock wants to build an inclusive community and to that end we actively encourage community members to add and edit content on this Wiki. If you are new to Wikis then here are some resources to help

Creating a new page

Select the best part of the WIki into which to place your page. The two areas of the Wiki that lend themselves to contributions from the community and Developer and Howtos. Anything that is OpenAM development related should go into here . Howto's, troubleshooting and other useful information goes here .

Text Formatting Rules

ForgeRock use Confluence as their Wiki software. Please refer to the Confluence documentation for more information on writing Wiki content.

Wiki Etiquette

  • Be nice - don't be rude or offensive.
  • Write in a way that is easy to understand and avoid local slang or phrases. Many of those who will read your text may not have English as their first language.
  • Don't delete other people's contributions (unless you know what you are doing or you have asked their permission)
  • Don't use too many acronyms (or at least, have a page explaining them), don't assume people have the same experience as yourself.
  • Don't contribute copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright). Link to copyrighted material rather than cut and paste.
  • Correcting typos and rephrasing content is okay since it makes the web page more readable.
About Comments
  • If something is wrong with the page, it will often be easier to fix the page than add a comment asking for the page to be fixed.
  • Comments should be on and stay on topic.
  • Ideal comments add value to the original page; eg: a development page with a comment about a gotcha when you run the code on Windows.

Major Changes

  • Before embarking on a change to a big page or multiple pages, it might be worth asking the community if people agree. The Wiki is for everyone.
  • Try and work on the Wiki rather than large changes offline. Someone else might be working on the page and you could end up with merging problems or over-writing someone elses work.

Contributors Rights and Responsibilities

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