ForgeRock is committed to continuing the development of the OpenDJ product and aims to meet Sun's original product roadmap for OpenDS. This roadmap includes the features and direction to which ForgeRock have committed.

ForgeRock wants to ensure that the future roadmap is as open as possible and to that end we have the Wish List . We encourage the community to contribute their thoughts on features they would like to see in future releases of the product on this page.

The Wish List is where we encourage the community to contribute to high level requirements and new features. You are also very welcome to log an RFE in Bugster .

Updated Roadmap.

OpenDJ 2.4 (Released December 2010)
OpenDJ 2.5 (targeted Q1 2011)
OpenDJ 3.0 (targeted Q2 2011)
OpenDJ 3.1 (targeted Q3 2011)
OpenDJ 3.2 (targeted Q4 2011)
OpenDJ 4.0 (targeted Q1 2012)