Self Service: Registration, Password Reset, Forgotten Username & Profile management by end users


Tailoring the individual use cases to fit your customers needs


Out of the box example UI isn't meant to be used, but more of an example

Customized and well tailored UI to fit each customers requirement


Javascript, HTML, CSS will get you so far - but you will probably eventually get into some Java


<Demo of existing Self-Service>

Config, Stages, etc

Register your account

Password Reset


Customizing email templates for registration and password reset (localization as well)


Using browser Dev tools -

Looking at Network requests to review calls to services to find templates and tags

Then customize the templates/tags to make it what you want

<Demo of adding email to registration on the form>


Building a custom stage using the bitbucket commons self-service projects (requires Java knowledge)


Guaranteeing uniqueness of accounts at registration time

In IDM it's different and uses policy to validate uniqueness (not available in AM)


Extending user schema so that it reflects when a user accepts terms and conditions.


Can you do a mutli-stage registration where users can fill in partial information and be directed to fill in the complete information before allowing FULL access