Warren Strange/David Goldsmith

Live demo: Demonstration of federated deployment
5.0 DevOps guide has been released
5.5 DevOps guide to be released soon

Docker containers for all products
- will support containers
- DJ supported but not recommended just yet for production

FR will be leveraging containers for SaaS products
- Containers expected to be future for development

Doc Team use containers deployments to make the deployments faster
- quicker deployments
- robust use cases
- scalability
- external data stores
CE have similar use cases

FR are not releasing the Docker binary images
- would you want them?
- Would you trust them?
- Do we want to support the extra products we use? Java/Tomcat
- Something that just works out of the box is very important.

FR Docker images support a pre-startup hook script
- Allows customisation after installation but before startup

SP: 7 mins to startup
IDP: 4.2 minutes to startup

Questions about scalability:
- DJ supported but not recommended
- Tough problem to solve for an automatic deployment

Helm, Kubernetes, Docker
- Demonstrating parent/child charts

Demonstrating SAML Auth Module: AM 14
- Mild applause: SAML worked!

Configuration as an artefact
- Can start AM with configuration
- config stored in GitHub

How do we manage secrets?
- An area we need to develop
- Hashicorp Vault is something we are interested in

How to manage configuration between production and test?
- Currently recommended automated scripting
- Looking at variable substitution
- Git branches
- Amster export/import

Amster export order is not consistent
- would like more stability in exported data
- git diff should only show changes
- AM specific issue
- More work to do

Secret Management is a pain point
- looking to externalise it
- pluggable mechanism
- Amazon KMS
- DJ Key Store

Making small improvements to make the products more reliable when starting in Kubernetes
- Just containers