The OpenIDM source code repository has moved to git, so this page is now out of date. See Building OpenIDM from Source Code for up-to-date instructions.


OpenAM Subversion Repository

ForgeRock use Subversion as their source code revision system. Subversion is a widely used open source source code revision system with great client support.

For more information about Subversion check out this website. Wikipedia has a list of Subversion clients and Google will help.

Checking out the TRUNK

Subversion will checkout the files into the current working directory. Use the following command to checkout the trunk.

$ cd /Users/hans/openidm_code

$ svn co

If subversion asks you about certificates then accept the certificate permanently. Save the password for future use.

Checking out a Branch

ForgeRock maintain branches of the OpenIDM product for maintenance purposes. Use this table to find the correct branch and then use the following command.

$ svn co

If you are running a specific version of the product and want to do some development or debugging, you will want to check out the correct branch. If you try and debugging using a different version of the code from that of the product then you can run into problems.