This article will describe the steps that you need to take when making a change to the service schema in AM (aka the configuration), in particular this will focus on how the upgrade rules should be created and applied.

Currently there are two ways to change the service schema in AM:

  1. In the xml schema files that use the sms.dtd
  2. Through annotations on POJO's in the AM codebase 

In either case when a change is made upgrade rules will need to be written so that customers can continue to use their configuration.

Currently there are 3 ways a customer might upgrade AM's configuration:

  1. Manually through the use of the Upgrade step org.forgerock.openam.upgrade.steps.UpgradeStep
  2. Using the openam-config-upgrader and rules
    1. to update Amster files
    2. to update FBC files

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