In our next session we will be talking about XXX, hosted by YYY.



Mob ProgrammingHalf-a-day of mob programming with driver and navigators


Programming KatasSpend 1 hour every week, and do some programming together

Shhh, that's a Secret!Can't tell you, it's a secret.Link

SAMLHave a SAML overview, the main idea is to know what it is, what problem it solves, its status, and the processes

OPA (Open Policy Agent)Overview and understanding of OPA in a simple project
Better as an official investigation task

WebAssembly promisesWhat is Wasm, its benefits and existing ecosystem
Better as an official investigation task

Reactive ProgrammingOverview and usage of Reactive Streams and RxJava models

ByteBufferDescription and usage of ByteBuffer

Non blocking JSON parsingOverview of non-blocking JSON parsing (with Jackson) that is mandatory in a non blocking framework